Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Private Military Contractor To Provide Security in Ferguson Today

ST. LOUIS August 20, 2014 — Missouri-based private security contractor Asymmetric Solutions, which employs elite former U.S. military special operators, tweeted Tuesday afternoon that the company is deploying a “high threat team in our own city”.

When responding via Twitter to a request for information, a spokesperson said “we cannot professionally hand out that information, regardless of client or location. We put a security team of former SOF personnel into the STL area at the request of a client.”

The entire tweet reads “We’ve been to Baghdad, Kabul, KL, Manilla, Peshwar, Bogata. Never guessed we would deploy a high threat team in our own city. #furgeson”.

Asymmetric Solutions employs former U.S. Navy SEALs and Army special operators.

There you have it. Looks like Officer Darren Wilson is about to be cleared of any wrong doing. This could get messy.

Monday, August 18, 2014

A Subtle Message to the ISIS

From Warfighter
“As I sit here constantly hearing and watching you execute innocent men, women and children in the Middle East I chuckle. Why do I chuckle you may ask? Well let me explain something to you cowardice fools who think you are so tough behind all your propaganda videos. You are scaring a population that doesn’t know how to fight, you’re bullying the weak. You say Islam is the religion of peace,but since when does terrorizing the innocent and beheading men, women and children constitute peace? WTF? But keep in mind, what did Saddam’s troops do when we came rolling into town? They surrendered, twice… So all your empty threats of coming to America and raising your flag over the White House amuse me more than any of you sick, sadistic bastards could ever imagine or comprehend. In 2012 there was about 21.2 million veterans in the United States. Do you understand what that means? Let me break it down for you. That means there are literally millions of disgruntled, dysfunctional, pissed off veterans who have been dealing with years of abuse from their government stabbing them in the backs and having to watch their friends die because you Islamic extremist idiots can’t seem to act like normal human beings and stop terrorism and the violence. It’s one thing to take over an Islamic state, but if my memory serves me correctly, I’m pretty sure we plowed through Fallujah in 4 days. Better yet, it took us about month to control your entire country. At this point, with 13+ years of war under our belts, how long do you think it would take us to do it all over again? I’ll let you draw your own conclusions on that one. Do you really think you stand a chance on US soil? Do you really think it would be smart to poke that bear? Remember, never bite the hand that feeds you. Remember we are armed to the teeth in the US and I can promise you this… the Geneva Conventions will not apply to you. You attack us and there will be no mercy. We will bring the righteous hand of God down upon you and crush you. The ball is in your court now ISIS. We are more than ready to arrange your so called “meeting” with your 72 virgins and send you to your “prophet” Mohamed.”

- Nick Powers
This would be the shortest hunting season ever.

New Army Manual Calls for the Use of Lethal Force Against Peaceful Protesters

The new Army manual, known as ATP 3-39.33, provides discussion and techniques about civil disturbances and crowd control operations that occur in the continental United States (CONUS) and outside the continental United States (OCONUS).

This document, just published this past Friday, August 15, 2014, promises to change the way the “authorities” deal with protesters, even peaceful ones. The consequences of ATP 39.33 could prove deadly for protesters. Further, the provisions of this Army manual could prove to be the end of the First Amendment right to peaceably assemble.
In section 1-2., the manual states that  “Civil unrest may range from simple, nonviolent protests that address specific issues, to events that turn into full-scale riots“. This section of the manual clearly states that protesting is a right protected by the Constitution. However, the authorities leave themselves an out to “legally” engage in lethal force toward protesters when the manual states that “peaceful protests can turn into full-scale riots” and field commanders have the right to make that determination. Subsequently, all protests, peaceful or not, need to be managed by the potential for violence. In other words, all protests are to be considered to be violent and handled accordingly. This certainly explains the violent manhandling of the media by the DHS controlled and militarized police in Ferguson, MO.

(more here)

Remember these?

Americans are the new terrorists. That's you, your wife, and kids. All of us.

The US Army Civil Disturbance manual ATP 3-39.33 can be downloaded as a PDF here.

Do you still think you're free?


Friday, August 8, 2014

SHTF: 8 Days Without Power, Neighbors Begin To Fight Each Other

When society breaks down, and power is out for extended periods of time, we're going to see a lot of this.

And worse.
 After a big storm his Chattaroy, Washington power went out all over.

The power is still out in one mobile home park a week later.

This footage that you might see in a fight scene of a movie or on a Youtube video is a real fight between neighbor who are trying to cope with losing life as they know it to a storm.

One week later, the property manager at Riverside Village in Chattaroy said she's taking a lot of heat to fix what went wrong.

Half the property is still without power after eight days, and at least 12 people won't get their homes back that were destroyed by fallen trees.

Sandi MCcoin's receiving physical threats herself, all while trying to figure out how to piece the mobile home park back together.

Some did what they could to clean up, but others decided their patience of living with each other through crisis had run out.

The Sheriff's Department broke the fight up and checked for injuries.

One family member said he doesn't really blame anyone for acting out of stress.
Got tribe?

Thursday, July 31, 2014

This Is What Is Going To Happen If Ebola Comes To America

Get ready to be rounded up. For your safety, of course.
If the worst Ebola outbreak in recorded history reaches the United States, federal law permits “the apprehension and examination of any individual reasonably believed to be infected with a communicable disease”.  These individuals can be “detained for such time and in such manner as may be reasonably necessary”.  In other words, the federal government already has the authority to round people up against their will, take them to detention facilities and hold them there for as long as they feel it is “reasonably necessary”.  In addition, as you will read about below, the federal government has the authority “to separate and restrict the movement of well persons who may have been exposed to a communicable disease to see if they become ill”.  If you want to look at these laws in the broadest sense, they pretty much give the federal government the power to do almost anything that they want with us in the event of a major pandemic.  Of course such a scenario probably would not be called “marital law”, but it would probably feel a lot like it.

If Ebola comes to America and starts spreading, one of the first things that would happen would be for the CDC to issue “a federal isolation or quarantine order”.
Read the rest here.
h/t Matt Bracken

Will life imitate art?

Oh and in case you choose to defy the quarantine, here's what you can expect.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Executive Order 13662: Obama Bans AK-47s

Under the guise of economic trade sanctions against Russia over the Ukraine situation, Ă˜bama signed EO 13662, effectively banning the entire AK line, and other Kalashnikov Russian-made imports, indefinitely. This includes the import of parts and accessories.

Just like that.

Isn't living under a dictatorship grand?

Monday, July 14, 2014

'Enemies Foreign and Domestic' Trilogy Free on Kindle Until Wednesday

From Bracken:
I'm going to do a Kindle "free run" on my Enemies Trilogy from Monday, July 14, through Wednesday night. I have up to 5 days, but I'd prefer to hold a few in reserve. If this 3 day run takes off and gets attention among the libs, I can extend it to 5. If it doesn't take off among the libs, I'll just do 3 days, and keep the other 2 days per book in reserve in case my books are suddenly noticed by the other side. If and when that happens, I want to offer it to them gratis, to get it out of the conservative "choir" over to where it really needs to be read.
If you haven't gotten the books or Kindle versions yet (no idea why you wouldn't have), go here and get the Kindle version.

You can get the free Kindle reader app for your PC/Mac, Apple phone, Android phone, iPad, Tablet, etc.... right here.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Obama 72% Approval Rating (Among Muslims)


No surprise here.

Gee, I wonder why that is?

Maybe they should poll all the illegal, er...I mean new future democratic voters invading, uh...I mean entering the country to see what the approval rating is among that group.

Treason is crime.

The punishment is death.

Just stating a fact.

Are you doing anything this weekend to plan, prepare, and train?

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Border Invasion Solution

Some might say this is extreme.
I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice!
~ Barry Goldwater
Some would say otherwise.
U.S. Constitution, Article IV, Section 4: The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government, AND SHALL PROTECT EACH OF THEM AGAINST INVASION.
Legal immigrants who go through the proper process that millions have gone through before them are welcome.

Outright invaders are not.

We, fellow American citizens, have been sold out by the Traitor in Chief who circumvents the Rule of Law and manufactures a way to grant 'amnesty' to the invaders.

Prepare for the fight.

AAR: July 4th Second Amendment March - Westcliffe, CO

I wasn't able to make the parade due to some much needed family time camping and fishing, but here's the video of the event.

The armed march begins at the 5:20 mark and Mike Vanderboegh's speech begins at the 10:07 mark.

The Colorado Springs Gazette had a nice write up about it.

It was a day of guns, God and Old Glory Friday at Westcliffe's July 4 parade.
There were the usual cowhorses, rodeo queens, fire engines and political candidates waving to the delighted crowd.

But the largest group of participants - and the one that got some of the most enthusiastic response from the crowd - were the estimated 250 advocates, many clad in red, white and blue, marching openly with guns holstered on their hips or slung over their shoulders. They carried everything from old-fashioned flintlock rifles to semi-automatics to fake plastic guns carried by children.

"We call this the gun parade," said Nan Hassey, of Rye, while watching from the sidelines. "I own a gun and I'm pro-Second amendment.
Read more on the story here.