Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bullet Proof Vests

Bullet proof vests are not a force field. They will stop a bullet that they are rated for, but don't expect to walk away unfazed, or unharmed. It can happen but don't expect it. Your results will vary.

All that kinetic energy has to go somewhere and it ends up going into YOU, the wearer. How much is transferred to your body depends on the vest materials used, construction, and how much it is able to spread that energy across and away from you.

Arctic Patriot posted a link to the following video of the CEO of a bullet proof vest manufacturer taking a shot to prove his product works. If you want to skip the sales pitch and jump right to the shooting, begin watching at 5:00 minute mark.

Yeah, it did the job. It stopped the bullet. But the resulting impact left a nasty bruise and broke the skin as seen below. With a vest that is only 6.5mm thin, this is to be expected as there's not much padding between your skin and the point of impact.

Also notice the I.V. catheter in his arm. He's got it on in the video too...just in case they needed to quickly give him an I.V. in the event something went wrong. Either Robert didn't really trust his product 100% or he didn't trust his shooter. Either way I think it was a prudent move. Accidents do happen.

5 minutes after getting shot.

1 hour after getting shot.

1 day after getting shot.

Bullet proof vest or not, I would not want to be shot. Been there and done that. A vest wouldn't have helped me in my case as I took one in the arm. Another story for another time. But if I had to get shot like Robert Kaiser did above, I'd wisely opt for the vest. I might be hurting, but I won't be dying.

Here are some videos of other CEO's doing similar tests.Th results differed from the above video due different calibers used and the overall construction and materials used in the vests.

 And below is Miquel Caballero of Columbia, who initiates every new employee by shooting them while wearing his fashionable bullet proof clothing.

Now let's take a look at some videos of some people doing some not so smart testing.

Ouch! Missed the vest completely.

Ouch! Don't drink and shoot.

Ouch! Right in the belly button.

And this video below demonstrates how they test helmets in Russia.

Okay, now that was pretty damn funny.

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