Wednesday, February 8, 2012

CHECHNYA: Urban Warfare Lessons Learned -or- What to do when it happens here

The strategies and tactics employed by the Chechen resistance in the
battle of Grozny offer outstanding lessons for future urban operations.
The battle of Grozny illustrates the type of urban insurgency that
may dominate the 21st-century battlefield. Understanding the
Chechen strategy, tactics, and weapons is essential in preparing U.S.
forces for future urban battles.
Download it and read it.

This too.

And read this.

Study it. Learn it. Plan it.

Take notes of your AO. You are doing that already though, right?

Any large scale military action against U.S. Citizens or so-called Extremists won't be happening in the mountains, in the hills, or on the plains. It will be occurring in your neighborhood. Plan accordingly. OpFor is.

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  1. Excellent article. I think the use of snipers very interesting. i think a few appleseed guys with good rifles might make life interesting.