Friday, February 10, 2012

Range Cards for Residential Areas

This is a traditional range card:
The information on a range card is used for planning and controlling fire, for rapidly detecting and engaging targets, and for orienting replacement personnel or units.
Traditional range cards as shown above are great for open fields and areas with sparse population. Creating a range card for a residential area poses some problems. With today's push by Uncle Janet and her DHS goons to report anything suspicious, it could be problematic for you to be seen with a rangefinder taking measurements from your house to your neighbors and other structures.

A good solution to this would be with the use of Google Earth on your computer. You can make your own range cards without leaving your home. Google Earth has a measurement tool that will allow you to measure distances from one point to another with fairly good accuracy. You can use its measuring function to get distances in miles, meters, feet, etc. Below is an example of distances using Google Earth and a simple paint program or Photoshop.
Range Card, Residential
A) 131 yards     B) 138 yards    C) 265 yards    etc....

10 minutes or so and you can print out and laminate your own detailed range cards. While having range cards in your possession is not illegal, I would recommend against leaving them laying around. Someone who shouldn't, might see them and think you were planning a killing spree. OpSec people. Be smart.

More information on building and using range cards can be found here.
And if you're interested in a range app for your Android phone, you can download it here.

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