Monday, February 13, 2012

Show Starbucks Some Love on Valentine's Day

The National Gun Victims Action Council (NGVAC) has called for a boycott off Starbucks Coffee on Valentine's Day, February 14th for allowing "guns and assault weapons to be openly carried in its stores (in 43 states) and concealed and carried in its stores (in 49 states)."

Starbucks stated in 2010 that it would abide by local and State laws and not discriminate against a certain class of customers; gun owners and those who choose to exercise their 2nd Amendment RIGHT to carry concealed or openly while patronizing their establishments.

Starbucks patrons peacefully exercising their 2nd Amendment Rights.

Since 1971, there have been an astonishing ZERO incidents involving legally-armed citizens that resulted in criminal violence, a perfectly good reason why the NGVAC wants to boycott Starbucks. I can't understand why they won't boycott spoons for making Rosie O'Donell fat, or writing instruments for causing spelling errors? Maybe those are for groups like the National Eating Victims Action Council and the National Misspelling Victims Action Council? Hmm..

Show your support

Well, to offset this silly boycott, I encourage you to show your support for Starbucks for recognizing and supporting the rights of legally-armed citizens to carry openly or concealed in their establishments. Go have a cup of Joe on Valentine's Day and show them some love. You can also send them an email of support and thanks as well.

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