Friday, February 24, 2012

Unmanned A-10 Drones Coming Soon, Yes I said A-10

Aurora Flight Sciences

Aurora Flight Sciences makes high-tech things. Unmanned high-tech things. They're working on something bigger, faster, and deadlier than any previous drone; an unmanned A-10.

Photo by Air Force Tech Sgt. Hecht
This is from their press release:
Raytheon's PCAS solution aims to develop technologies that significantly reduce the timeline for close air support through improved coordination among Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTACs), airborne sensors and weapon systems. Aurora will be the air vehicle platform lead and will be responsible for leveraging its extensive unmanned systems technology to develop an unmanned version of the Air Force’s A-10 aircraft (emphasis mine) for demonstrating the PCAS technology.
For the WOT of course.

But which WOT? The one over there, or the one coming here. Because according to Uncle Janet, we're all terrorists now.

I can see this beast being used against Patriot Resistance Fighters holed-up in the mountains, kinda like those troublesome Taliban fighters. Do you see the similarities?

You don't think it could happen here? You're either in denial or haven't been paying attention.

Tactical Gear and Military Clothing News has more here.

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