Thursday, February 16, 2012

The White House Wants To Know How You'd Spend $40

David Codrea over at Gun Rights Examiner informs us that the White House wants people to submit a photo or YouTube video of themselves showing what $40 extra dollars per paycheck would be spent on.

David has a great idea! He has submitted the following photo of himself with a description of what he would buy with an extra $40.

$40 would buy a couple more magazines or several boxes of ammo for this little hoplophobia inducer... Credit: © 2012 by David Codrea, All Rights Reserved

Now, as he rightly points out, I don't think the White House is looking for this type of photo, but think of how strong of a message we can send them if we all submit a similar type of photo showing what $40 would get you.

 Here's my submission:

$40 would buy me 100 more rounds of 5.56 ammo to feed my "Freedom Stick." Marksmanship takes practice and ammo.
Send me your photo and accompanying caption you submitted to the White House and I'll post it here for others to see. What are you afraid of? They know who you are already.

Your sights are zeroed in, right? CPX Foxtrot is right around the corner.

UPDATE: Our first submission:

"With $40, I could pick up about ten rounds of ammo for my BFR."

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