Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bracken: The CW2 Cube — Mapping The Meta-Terrain Of Civil War Two

Matt Bracken, author of the Enemies Foreign and Domestic trilogy, originally wrote in 2010 his compelling analysis of what a Second Civil War would look like. It's not pretty folks.

His CW2 Cube explains the sociol-economic factors that will cause this to be one of the most brutal and ugly civil wars ever seen.

See the original posting of Matt's CW2 Cube essay here. Read it and ask yourself, "Am I ready?" and if you're not, what are you waiting for? Your life and the life of your family will depend on you being prepared.

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  1. Read all four of Matt's books and found them to be in line with my best guess as to what may happen next year.
    Do we just try to survive or do we try to resist?
    Matt's books help explain what we should expect from the bad guys.
    Evil may be described as forces that are opposed to the U.S. Constitution's Bill of Rights and the Holy Bible's Ten Commandments.
    Be very careful with all of the spy activity working in your neighborhood.
    Keep your group small and quiet until needed.
    Plan ahead well and learn the ways of the secret wars.
    There is a fine line between brave and stupid...
    Plan for a ten year conflict at best.
    To see and not be seen, to hear and not be heard, and to hit and not get hit is needed to win.
    This will not be a game with a reset button.
    Please be safe so you may help save a nation!