Friday, March 30, 2012

In New Mexico, Shooting Americans Gets You $500

The Intel Hub brings us the following story:
In a clear cut sign of the police state in America, officers in Albuquerque New Mexico are being paid after shooting and sometimes killing American citizens.
That’s right, a sort of bounty system operates in New Mexico which, under a union program, pays officers up to $500 dollars per fatal shooting.

Can you imagine the mindset this places in their heads? Think about how money takes over the thought process. "I better shoot suspect-X before Officer-B does, otherwise, I won't get the $500."

NOT the kind of 'Law Enforcers' you want patrolling your neighborhood.

 Meanwhile the family of the victims are probably billed for the bullet(s) used to kill their loved ones. I wouldn't be surprised.

I'm right in the middle of reading my personalized signed copy of Matt Bracken's Domestic Enemies, book 2 of his Enemies Foreign and Domestic trilogy. So far, the majority of the story is taking place in 'Nuevo Mexico.' Coincidence?

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