Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Operation #EFAD After-Action Report, Tuesday, March 6

Operation #EFAD After-Action Report, Tuesday, March 6

 The final tally for Operation #EFAD: there were 33,533 free downloads of Enemies Foreign And Domestic from March 1 to 5.

The highest ranking it received was #2 for all Kindle genre fiction, for ten hours on Day 2, Friday March 2. 

 EFAD was trapped underneath the Desperate, Delicious Divorcee all day Friday. I just could not climb on top of her, not even for one hour. Perhaps it's a sign of the times, or a reflection of the culture wars, that a major novel about defending freedom could not rise above a serial novella featuring a DDD-bust-sized amateur sleuth from the Kindle $0.99 cent "bargain books" list, not even when both were offered for free. Or maybe people just like to click on a picture of a nice set of boobs.

 I'm more proud to have been next to Vince Flynn at number four on the mystery/thrillers rankings. I was #1 for a while, but I missed my chance to get a screen capture, because I was only refreshing the "all genre fiction" page while trapped below the Delicious DDD Divorcee. I didn't even think to check the mystery/thriller rankings until I was sliding back down the "all genre fiction" list. But it's also very nice to have been side-by-side with Vince Flynn for a while. Too bad I missed the #1 mystery/thriller screen cap, though. Darn it!

And to my knowledge, no telephone ninjas were successful at getting through to a national talk radio host. My sincere gratitude to anyone who made the attempt. I did receive some invitations to appear on a few major-market radio programs, and I promise I will use the opportunity to discuss creeping tyranny, and federal abuses such as Operation Fast And Furious.

And even though the big national talk radio breakthrough didn't happen during the free download period, it would still be extremely beneficial to the cause to have Enemies Foreign And Domestic mentioned at any time. So if one of you telephone ninjas gets the opportunity to do so, it would be a tremendous help. Contact me by email or on Facebook if you want to coordinate efforts, or to discuss any talk radio leads that you might have. (I will probably be giving Twitter a rest for a while.)

Again, thank you all for the great effort. I promise to use any increased visibility arising from Operation #EFAD to continue fighting for liberty, against the powerful forces attempting to spread their dark and tyrannical vision of of an anti-freedom socialist "Ameritopia."

Thank you once again,


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