Friday, March 2, 2012

Operation #EFAD: Continue to Push

Communiqué #9: Book Bomb Day 2, Friday, March 2
First, a personal note from the Operation #EFAD command bunker. I finally had seven hours of rack time last night, so I am GTG. It's been a hectic week, writing Gangster Government, monkeywrenching the HTML in this website, and all the while log-rolling and plate-spinning this operation all over the internet.

If you are a new recruit checking in after seeing Enemies Foreign And Domestic soar from #20,000 on Kindle to #2, please read "About EFAD" on the linked page, then read the communiqués starting with #1 at the bottom of this page, and proceeding upward. After that, you will be as fully mission capable as any veteran Operation #EFAD cyber special operator. Welcome aboard, shipmate! Now, let's turn-to: there is work to be done yet.

The next phase in our rolling-thunder phased time-on-target internet blitzkrieg attack is called "Alert The Media."

Remember how I have been requesting you to find and save all of the "famous media hotshot" email addresses, Facebook pages, and Twitter @names? Well, the time has come, and today is the day. "It's not a story, until it's a story," and now it is. In spades. A ten-year-old novel going from #20,000 on Amazon Kindle to #2 is a story, so let's get to it, and alert the media.

We will begin with conservatives who are believers in the Constitution, and who are predisposed to share out goals and values. The problem is, even in this internet era, it's hard to reach them. But today, we will. I promise.

So here is what you do. If you don't have a Twitter account, it takes five minutes or less to set one up. Read Communiqué #3 below to learn how it works. Basically, I am @MattBracken48, and we are all following ad-hoc "hashtag" groups like #EFAD.

So today, we shall politely tap our friendly Famous Brand Name conservatives on the shoulder, and say, "Look at this, please." You can find them easily enough, especially on Twitter. They might miss a few Tweets, but they won't miss thousands of them!

Remember, EFAD went from #20,000 on Kindle to #2 almost overnight. There have been more than 18,000 Kindle downloads of EFAD in just the past 24 hours! Now, we shall turn that same math upon our friendly conservative bloggers, columnists, radio talk show hosts, and so on.

Normally, they just toss out Tweets, and then lurk upon their many replies, to take the pulse of their followers. Today, they will learn about Operation #EFAD, and the unlikely story of how a decade-old novel about the abuse of federal power has soared to the top of the Kindle Free Library in one day.

And remember, especially if this Twitter business is all just a bit too much, a "ReTweet" (RT) is just as good as an original Tweet. A ReTweet throws an earlier message back out into the rapidly flowing Twitter river, to be seen all over again. With enough of you ReTweeting #EFAD messages, it will add up to a torrent like the Colorado River overtopping Hoover Dam. Impossible to miss! Why, even the ROAR can be heard from miles away!

But to make sure your tweets count, please include links to the web page About Enemies Foreign And Domestic at the URL along with the @FamousConservative and the usual #EFAD and other Twitter hashtag #groups taken from Communique No. 2. This will ensure that not only will @FamousConservative get the message, so will thousands of other followers of @FamousConsrvative and readers of #redstate #biggovt and other Twitter #groups do as well.

Please include in Tweets (and other mentions on the internet) as many of these as possible:
GangsterGovt, FastAndFurious, and of course EnemiesForeignAndDomestic. This will tie these Operation #EFAD memes into one seamless garment, amping up the "viralocity" to yet another level.

And if you should happen to have the studio call-in numbers for any local, regional or nationally syndicated radio talk-show hosts, well, I think you get the picture.

Now, a final message, from my heart. This entire effort is not about my old novel Enemies Foreign And Domestic. Who really gives one good damn about some cheap work of self-published fiction by some guy you never heard of? Nobody, really, in the greater picture. I am merely using that bright yellow book with the inflammatory Gadsden flag and the "assault rifle" on the cover as an eyeball-attractant and attention-getter this week. It's the tool I have, so it's the tool I use.

What I really want to do, the purpose of this operation, is to encourage both Joe Sixpack and Very Important People to read my essay called "Gangster Government, And Sakharov's Immunity." That's where I lay it out. Anybody who can plow through a 250,000-word first novel by an unknown author, can certainly tackle 4,000 words about the fate of freedom in our beloved republic.
Gangster Government, and Sakharov's Immunity

Now, I am not a "Famous Name Brand Conservative," and neither are you. But together, using the modern social media tools at our disposal, we CAN and we SHALL be heard by the elite liberal media establishment, and their bosses at Gangster Government, Inc, from all across the Bitter Clinger Nation!

Today, Friday March 2, is Day 2 since we crossed the line of departure and went hot.

Now we are moving into the hinterlands and spreading out, each of us finding our own targets of opportunity, not waiting for orders, but "riding to the sound of the guns." Together, we CAN make a difference. As I heard in a recent movie of some note, "A single twig is weak, but a bundle of twigs together is strong and unbreakable."

And one final hint: Monday will be Day 5, the final day of Operation #EFAD, and it will, if things go according to plan, put everything else we have done together on this op since D-Day Minus Seven into the dim and misty past, by comparison.

Oh, I can't leave without performing a bit of latrine duty. At this point, expect trolls and disruptors, as word of Operation #EFAD spreads far and wide. This website might even get taken out in a DOS attack. No matter. It's unstoppable now. If this website disappears, I will put out new Operation #EFAD communiqués on alternate frequencies and back channels. And even if I don't, at this point, it won't matter. Operation #EFAD has gone runaway on full-auto.

Just remember, Monday, Day 5, is the big day.


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