Sunday, March 4, 2012

Operation #EFAD – D+4

From Operation #EFAD HQ:
Communiqué #11: Book-Bomb Day 4, Sunday, March 4 (Older communiques are below in order.)

Dear Operation #EFAD special operators: If you have come this far, we don’t need to rehash our standing orders. Keep Tweeting, FaceBooking, Freeping, Arfcomming and reposting about #EFAD on your other favorite forums and blogs. You know the drill by now.

Enemies Foreign And Domestic is holding strong in the Kindle Top 40, four days into the free download period. And that’s excellent! Thanks to you! But the free period expires at midnight, Monday night, March 5. The max allowable number of free days on Kindle is five, and I’m taking the max.

But now all the past is prelude. Battlefield preparation. Cutting wire and caching supplies.

You know what we need now. It was all spelled out in Saturday’s communique. We need telephone ninjas. The new target is national talk radio, on Monday, March 5. Rush, Sean, Laura, Mark, Bill, Dennis, Neil, Michael and the rest of the big radio talkers.

One on-air recommendation of Enemies Foreign And Domestic would be a great victory. More than one would put the op into hyperdrive and put EFAD on the national radar. The 27,000 free downloads of EFAD to date are a great accomplishment, but we need millions to force an honest national debate about President Obama’s own Operation Murdergate.

Then, and only then, do we get to slap the liberal media establishment (the crucial defenders of Gangster Government, Inc), very hard across the face. And that is why we are going to all of this trouble and effort throughout Operation #EFAD. The only reason. It’s not about a freebie deal on a novel that predicted “Murdergate by a decade. That was all just part of the battlefield preparation.

Tomorrow, Monday, will be the defining battle of the campaign.

You know what to do.


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