Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Constitutional Crisis - This Is Not A Drill

Øbamacare is a death sentence.
There are too many Constitution usurpation's by the Øne to list here, but in case you missed it, the royal highness Øbama has DEMANDED that the Supreme Court uphold his Øbamacare Mandate.

For a 'Constitutional scholar' this guy should ask for a refund (yeah I know, he didn't pay a dime of his own) because he didn't learn a damn thing.

Arctic Patriot sums it up.
The situation in this nation right now is orders of magnitudes more dire than magazine capacity restrictions, stupid EPA rules, and economic bickering between the parties.  Whether you believe in the constitution or not, it is about to be thrown away by the President in favor of a "whatever-passes-congress-is-constitutional" policy.


If this flies, it is over.  For real.  Forever.  

Forget rhetoric.  This is not rhetoric.  This is real.  REAL.  

Folks can talk about "lines in the sand" all day long.

If this is not a line in the sand, if this is not a tripwire,
would someone PLEASE explain to me what is???

Could someone explain to me what the hundreds of militia groups train for?

Political demands without force are nothing more than pleas.

AP also links to Tom's piece in which Tom poses a thought provoking question:
The Supreme Court can't enforce its judgments. Only the Executive can do that. But what if that Executive, of any administration, goes rogue and decides to simply ignore the ruling? (assuming it overturns Øbamacare - me)
Our Republic is teetering on the precipice folks. You can smell the S that's going to HTF.

Keep you powder dry, your scopes sighted in, and hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

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