Thursday, April 26, 2012

Defensive Considerations for Resistance Forces

Mountain Guerrilla covers a LOT of ground here but what might be of more practical interest to you is the section:

Considerations of the Strongpoint and Perimeter Defense Strategies for Home and Homestead Defense

Here are the main topics in this section, but they are much more detailed than presented below.

  1. Establish realistic, effective perimeter security.
  2. Have an escape route pre-planned.
  3. If all else fails, and you've got an entry team stacking on your front door, recognize that you've got approximately three seconds from the time they get stacked, until the breacher will be blowing the locks and/or hinges off your front door.
  4. Reinforce your doors.
  5. Have "shovel-and-lime" friends nearby, and on "speed-dial."
  6. If you KNOW you've been targeted by the security forces, get the f*ck out now.
Go on over and read the entire post and then if you haven't already, start evaluating your home defense (passive and active) set up. Then do something about it, because no matter how well you think your home is set up, there is more you can do...much more.

Read the rest here. 

Then for more ideas, go read this and this and this.

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