Sunday, April 1, 2012

Facial Recognition - Not Just for Uncle Janet Anymore

Now in addition to worrying about how the DHS might use facial recognition technology, people need to worry about it when they go shopping, or go to a bar.

Oh but don't worry, it's all about marketing.
“From a consumer standpoint, you’re gonna see much more targeted content, and lots more benefits in terms of being able to send direct to my cell phone, you know, information about coupons, or what’s coming next from the brand...”
There's no possible way Uncle Janet would ever tap into these to systems to keep tabs on you. Or would (s)he?

The corporations will set up the infrastructure and some security bill will be passed in the future allowing the DHS to commandeer the system for their own nefarious uses.

Trust the media. They'd never lie to you. Watch the news report about mainstream facial recognition technology for yourself.

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