Sunday, April 15, 2012

George Washington Voted Britain's Greatest Enemy Commander

American revolutionary leader George Washington has been voted the greatest enemy commander to face Britain, lauded for his spirit of endurance against the odds and the enormous impact of his victory.

Making the case for Washington, historian Stephen Brumwell said the American War of Independence (1775-83) was "the worst defeat for the British Empire ever." "His personal leadership was crucial," he said.
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Is it any wonder the British gave him this honor?

Against all odds, this man continued to fight.

Defeat after defeat, he didn't give up.

He continued the fight until his fortunes began to turn and the rest is history.

Where have our George Washington's gone?

When the time comes, will our generation have someone like him? Someone that we will follow into battle, to fight this ever growing oppression and punch tyranny in the face with a knock-out blow?

If you're out there 'George', we need you now more than ever.

In the meantime, YOU need to be ready, whether our 'George' shows up or not. We all need to be 'George' at any place, any time, against anyone.

This is going to require action.<----Read it.

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