Saturday, April 21, 2012

Need Homeland Security at ... Pond Skimming Event?

Participant at the Annual Vail Ski Pond Skimming Competition. Apparently a security risk worthy of having DHS agents present.

From a letter written to the editor of the Vail Daily:

Vail Daily letter: Need Homeland Security at ... pond skimming event?

Armed Homeland Security police were patrolling the Vail Ski Pond Skimming Competition, a joke of a ski race. Joke ski races are now an appropriate place for Homeland Security. How creepy it was to see these guys at this event?

For years we have managed to skim the pond without a federal police presence. Now we have them walking around with bullet-proof vests.

I don't think I want to go to Vail's pond skimming anymore. Apparently it's so dangerous that body armor, guns and federal police are necessary.

With federal police patrolling joke ski races, where will we see them next? Backyard horseshoe competitions? Volleyball tournaments? Pee-wee hockey games? Little league games? Why not pool tournaments? Dart throwing competitions? Croquet matches? Water polo competitions are pretty dangerous, too.

Where does it end? This country is toast. The fascist police state is coming to a ski resort near you. Enjoy the smell of fresh jackboots on the ground.

Dave Kraft

More police state desensitization at a local mountain resort event. With such heavy DHS presence there, one must wonder if the First Wookie was going to be participating, as she loves to ski in Colorado.

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