Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ride In Style While You're Detained?

The International® 7000-MV 9-Man Cab is ideal for transporting crew along with equipment. A team of mechanics and service technicians can ride safely up front, with all their equipment secured in the rear cage. The vehicle also features an auger with security screen and a hydraulic winch.

Equipment cage, eh? More on this at the end.

Let's add the following pieces, (not an all inclusive list) and a bigger picture starts to emerge.

1) Army Regulation 210–35: Civilian Inmate Labor Program

2) Army Regulation 190–8, OPNAVINST 3461.6, AFJI 31-304, MCO 3461.1: Enemy Prisoners of War, Retained Personnel, Civilian Internees and Other Detainees

3) The Patriot Act

4)  KBR Document Hints to FEMA Camps Coming Soon

5) DHS won't explain its order of 450 million hollow point bullets

6) The US Army Now Offers A Prison Guard Specialty Securing 'Civilian Detainees'

7) The NDAA Bill is signed

8) H.R. 347 Bill passes

9) National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order

10) Executive Order: Feds To Take Control of Domestic Natural Gas Production

Now let's revisit the Navistar Defense 7000-MV 9 Man Cab:
Ideal for transporting crew and equipment

Features an auger with security screen

50-degree wheel cut for a tighter turning radius

A vet and fellow Threeper and Oathkeeper tells me they look like 'round-up cages.'

Considering all the information presented above, what would be your logical conclusion?

A way to transport 'detainees' from a civil disturbance?

I don't know. Perhaps a little bit of paranoia is creeping in? Perhaps not?

Whatever the case, if it comes down to it, don't get in one.

Thanks to JSC for providing the pics.

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  1. Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you. :)