Monday, April 9, 2012

Survival of women during SHTF

Fighting for survival can reduce people to animal that we all are. Sometimes it was hard to still see that they or we are human.

WRSA links to the interview at SHTF School and rightly suggests you get the women in your life to read it too.

When the SHTF, really hits the fan, your ability and their ability to snap out of the "this can't be happening" mindset could mean life or death.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

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  1. Between My Husband and I, I am the ONE preparing!! He DOESN'T SAY anything about it, and He Sometimes Encourages Me, Like Growing the Garden, But Really He Just has the AIR of " This Too Shall Pass"....Unluckily, Since We are BOTH Elderly, and I have No One Else That I Know AT ALL, I Can't Really get any HANDS On Experience about things like SELF-Defense, Shooting, Etc. so I was THRILLED to See Your Comments in the Paintball Balloons and ADDED Photos!! That Made me Feel Better about Those Vehicles!! I shall be Following Your Posts!!