Saturday, April 14, 2012

TL: If The Darkness Descends

There comes a time when the average guy has to look out on his perfectly manicured lawn, his recycle bins and his low flow toilets and ask himself if this is what has been worth the blood of so many young men in the history of this nation. Is it?

You are an American, your light shines into every dark corner of the world, illuminating the hopes of the starving and enslaved masses of the world. Every tortured heart and oppressed soul begs for us to shine, to bring them our freedom, our liberty and to that plea, to that cry, we do what? What do we do in response to that lost and empty plea from the oppressed billions? Do we fight for ourselves to make our nation the promise they have been given, or do we just switch on the TV?

If we fail to make that promise true, the darkness will fill the void of America, it is filling the void right now, we all know it. If darkness descends on us, it descends on the world and there may be thousands of years before human beings will know humanity again.
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Then think.

Think hard.

You have a choice to make.

h/t Kerodin and Wirecutter

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