Monday, April 30, 2012

TSA Hires Workers Before Background Checks Completed

TSA is putting new hires to work in sensitive areas BEFORE their background check is completed!

If at some point, the background check comes back red flagged for the hired and already working employee, THEN they will pull their security clearance. Meanwhile, they've had access to secure areas for who knows how long before that.

Download the PDF memo here

This is probably the reason why these upstanding TSA thugs were allowed to be hired, only to later be caught allowing drugs through screening for some cash.

Why should anyone be surprised?

Security Theater at its finest!

You can view the news video and report here

Then if you have NetFlix, watch the movie "Please Remove Your Shoes" for a damning indictment on the failures and bureaucratic B.S. that plagues the TSA.

TSA - Totally Stupid Asshats

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