Thursday, April 26, 2012

TSA Screeners Look The Other Way for the Right Price

From the L.A. Times:

TSA screeners allegedly let drug-filled luggage through LAX for cash

Four current and former Transportation Security Administration screeners have been arrested and face charges of taking bribes and looking the other way while suitcases filled with cocaine, methamphetamine or marijuana passed through X-ray machines at Los Angeles International Airport, federal authorities announced Wednesday.
The TSA screeners, who were arrested Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, allegedly received up to $2,400 in cash bribes in exchange for allowing large drug shipments to pass through checkpoints in what the U.S. attorney in Los Angeles called a “significant breakdown” of security.
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Meanwhile the war on 4 year old little girls who pose a security risk for hugging grandma continues.

What happens when Mohamed wants to bring C4 on board and has the money to buy his way through security?

Still feel safe?

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  1. Guess it's called LAX for a reason.