Wednesday, May 16, 2012

LRAD Being Deployed in Chicago Against NATO Protestors

Vehicle mounted LRAD used at the G20 Summit in Pittsburgh
Well it appears that a weapon originally designed for war is now being deployed for use to 'disperse' unruly protesters at the upcoming Chicago NATO summit.

There will be two units in use at a cost of $20K each.

The LRAD 1000Xi will be used 'only to broadcast messages' and will not use it's sonic noise generator according to the Chicago Police.

Chart depicting the strength of the LRAD at various distances.
Here's the Chicago ABC-7 news spin on the device:

They must be expecting something big. Perhaps a false flag is in the works?

No Fly Zone over Chicago
Blackhawks and Little Birds over Chicago
Government plans to evacuate Chicago
Drone seeing flying over Chicago

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