Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Message To All Patrtiots: Liberty Conference in DC

Patriots, we have our differences in views and course of action, but we need to come together to support a common goal.

If we don't, we will be easily swept away when the storms come.

Kerodin is calling for a Liberty Summit in DC days before Election Day in November.


Friday November 2, 2012 I will have a hall rented for III Patriots to meet in private.

Saturday November 3, 2012 I will have a hall rented for III Patriots and advocates of Liberty in Washington DC.  We will walk boldly into the lair of the Enemy and look him in his eye and we will tell our enemies where we stand, what we intend, and what will happen if they do not immediately cease and desist in their abuse of the Constitution.

I will take point.  I will give that speech.  I will take the heat.  I will say things that will probably be sufficient to earn an indictment.

There will be national media present.  There will be representatives of groups like SEIU and other Enemies of Liberty in the hall.  I invite them to open their mouths.  I invite them to start a Ruckus.

Playtime is over.

We will be free and at Liberty, or we will have a Ruckus.

What I ask of you, Patriots: I ask you III Patriots to join me.

Find a way to come to Washington DC for 2 days, ready to demand Liberty.
Read the rest of here and the follow up here.

Some of you can make it, some of you cannot.

Whether you attend or not, support it however you can.

Free men die on their feet.

Slaves die on their knees.

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