Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Military Night Assault Training in Miami

Oh look! Another 'Training Exercise' like the ones in Chicago and Los Angeles. This time in Miami.

“It was quite a shocking experience,” said Jane Muir, who was awakened around 1:45 a.m. by the sound of military choppers that later dropped rappelling soldiers onto the Grand Bay’s rooftop. “It was kind of that bizarre feeling that you were surrounded by wind.”
From her third-floor balcony, Muir then watched the soldiers fire off flares and smoke bombs before searching floor by floor through the darkened hotel, their paths marked by flashlights and the pop-pop-pop of gunshots. “The show of force was so overwhelming,” she said.
The maneuvers were part of a “realistic urban training” exercise for about 100 military personnel, and organized by the U.S. Special Operations Command, said Maj. Michael Burns, a U.S. Army spokesman. The exercise also included three military helicopters, and the use of simulated explosions and gunfire to mimic real-life military scenarios.

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And these tourist sheeple think it's cool.

Yeah, really kewl komrade.

If they keep it up, one of these days they're going to lose a man or an entire copter, then it won't be so cool. Even worse, they might end up killing a Citizen by accident, or not.

But more importantly, these are the signs of the up and coming Police State.

Read the entire news report here.

If this doesn't piss you off, then you're not paying attention.

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