Sunday, May 20, 2012

NATO Summit: Another Terrorist Plot 'Foiled'

According to ABC News:

Three men accused of building Molotov cocktails were also planning attacks at President Obama's Chicago campaign headquarters and at the home of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel during the NATO Summit, prosecutors said.
Okay, what the printed report doesn't mention that the embedded video (both at the link above) does, is that the group was infiltrated by an undercover police officer who foiled the plot.

Hmm...remember those Occutards that were arrested for plotting to blow up a bridge in Ohio on May 1st?
They were also infiltrated; by an undercover FBI agent.

The FBI says the public was never in danger because the explosives were inoperable.

Remember this foiled bomb plot in Tampa? Also 'foiled' by the FBI. But don't worry:
"There was no real danger to the community once we got involved," U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Florida Robert E. O'Neill said Monday.

Wait! Isn't that what they said when they 'foiled' an overseas bomb plot to blow up a passenger plane?

The device never presented a threat to public safety
, and the U.S. government is working closely with international partners to address associated concerns with the device.
Why yes, yes it is!

Hmm. Something very peculiar is going on around here.

Seems to me that everywhere a 'bomb plot' is stopped, it's always by officers or agents who *cough* infiltrated *cough* these groups.

That's a pretty damn good record there! They're able to infiltrate and stop more than 99.9% of these 'terrorist' bomb plots!

That's absolutely amazing! don't suppose Paul Craig Roberts is on to something when he wrote:

In place of real terrorists carrying out easy plots, we have “terrorist” plots dreamed up by FBI and CIA agents, who then recruit some hapless or demented dupes, bribing them with money and heroic images of themselves, and supplying them with the plot and fake explosives. These are called “sting operations,” but they are not. They are orchestrations by our own security agencies that produce fake terrorist plots that are then “foiled” by the security agencies that hatched the plots. Washington’s announcement is always: “The public was never in danger.” Some terrorist plot! We have never been endangered by one, but the airports have been on orange alert for 11.5 years

I guess these agency have to come up with ways to justify their existence and to continue to violate our rights, don't they? After all, it's all in the name of safety.

Keep your eyes open for a larger plot to be foiled this weekend.

Or maybe they'll let it happen like they did once before.

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  1. Not only did they let it happen.....they did it.