Thursday, May 10, 2012

Regarding Officer Unborn Baby Kicker

Below is the tip of the day in the comments section over at WRSA regarding Battlefield's post of this unborn baby kicker with a badge. This tip courtesy of a disgusted former LEO Oathkeeper.

What this low life scum bag needs is a grenade enema. Don’t think for one second this dirt bag is an exception. He is more the rule.

I worked in law enforcement many years ago. I left in disgust. What I heard coming out of some officers mouths was absolutely disgusting. They enjoyed, yes enjoyed, abusing civilians. Some would do everything they could to get a person flustered so they could take advantage of the situation.

Here are a few rules to know when dealing with cops.

1 Keep answers short and to the point, make it yes or no as much as possible. Never ever divulge information, more often than not it WILL be used against you.
2 If you are a woman and a cop wants to pull you over, day or night, find a very public place. Only roll down your window enough to pass out needed documents. A woman should never ever trust a badge.
3 Use 911 after the fact, take care of business then call 911.
4 Never ever trust a badge for anything, if you can record your interaction with the badge do so.
5 Do everything you can to avoid being pulled over. You might be surprised to find out how many people get abused on “routine” traffic stops.
6 Never ever trust a badge, I cannot say it enough.
7 Cop cars that say “To Protect and Serve” are not talking about you. Cops protect and serve corrupt politicians, the common man is on his own.

Most important keep a low profile until target time then shot at will.

Locked and Loaded,


Some people are alive who shouldn't be because they wear a badge. And that goes for the ones that cover it up as well.

As often as this happens, you gotta wonder if that's part of their training?

It'll keep happening until it's not worth it anymore.

Wheeler showing off his gold medal for unborn baby kicking
Feel free to send him a message via his Facebook page. 

If it says Jonah Johnson, well that's because he changed his Facebook name. I can't imagine why?  His brother is listed as Jerry Wheeler. Click on his photo on that page and you'll see it's him sporting a goatee.

You can run but you can't hide!

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  1. Looks like a transplanted nazi "skinhead" from the arayans nation.These kind of shitheads always get their just rewards in due time, one way or the other.