Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Remember Kelly Thomas? Beating Video Released.

“Now you see my fists?” Fullerton police officer Manny Ramos asked Thomas while slipping on a pair of latex gloves.

“Yeah, what about them?” Thomas responded.

“They are getting ready to fuck you up,” said Ramos, a burly cop who appears to outweigh Thomas by 100 pounds.
Curtis brings us up to date on the MURDER of Kelly Thomas at the hands of the Fullerton PD thugs with badges. The difficult to watch video of the brutal beating of Kelly is also there.

Kelly Thomas lying in the hospital shortly before dying as a result of his injuries.

Do you understand yet?


  1. Silence equals consent. Too many idiots will tune this out and put the ball game on, but there's a lot of us buying ammo, making our lists-not going to be a one ended beatdown like this video.

  2. Heinlein had just the right idea about the appropriate penalty for this cop.