Sunday, May 13, 2012

Some Things Are Worse Than Death

WARNING: This is a heavy subject with disturbing images. I think it's the only way to get the point across clearly. Unfortunately this is the reality we face in today's world. When society no longer believes in God, then anything is permissible. Read at your own risk.
This is a difficult topic to discuss because nobody wants to think about, discuss it, or acknowledge the possibilities of such evil acts being inflicted on the ones we love.

We talk about preparing for the inevitable upcoming societal collapse. We read books about it. We store food, ammo, and guns. We prepare as best as we can, but do we ever think about the possibility that we may end up failing, despite our best training, preparation, and collection of  tools/weapons?

If you're like me, saved by the sacrificed blood of Jesus Christ, then death is nothing to fear. But it's the things that evil men, evil women, and evil kids do to others that sometimes keeps me up at night.

As family men (and you women out there), we will do everything we can protect our spouse and kids, up to and including the laying down of our lives for them.

But, here's the question: Would you be willing to end the life of your loved ones if it meant that they would be spared the unspeakable horrors and pain that can/will be inflicted upon them if captured by soulless devils during a total societal collapse? I'm not talking about giving up without a fight, I'm looking at this as a LAST resort.

The SHTF, you've managed to survive for a month or two in your home. A large group of escaped prisoners have made their way to your street and have been systematically going house to house pillaging, raping, and murdering your surviving neighbors. They have all exits blocked and there's no way out.

After a couple days, they move on to your house. You've been fighting them off as best as you could and you're almost out of ammo. It seems like more of them keep showing up and they're determined to get into your house and getting you and your family. You've killed a bunch of them so they want payback. You're out numbered, out gunned, and out flanked when they finally manage to breach your defenses. It's only a matter of minutes before they find you and your family. You know what they'll do to your baby, your son, your daughter, your wife, your grandmother. You saw them do it to your neighbors in broad daylight in addition to torturing them in sick and depraved ways when they were done having their fun with them.

So back to the original question: Would you be willing to kill your loved ones if it meant that they would be spared the horrors you've seen them extract on your neighbors?

I'm posting pictures below of what is going on in Mexico and elsewhere around the world to get the message across. These acts of violence are unspeakable but unfortunately quite common in today's world of savagery where society is supposed to be civilized. If it's this bad now, imagine how much worse it will be like here when the SHTF?!

As you look at these, imagine them being your loved ones and ask yourself that question. Could you, would you end their life?

What would you do to keep someone you love, or yourself, from being castrated alive, then beheaded, and dismembered? In all truthfulness, they'd probably make you or your family watch. (don't watch this video below if you get queasy easily, trust me)

Look what they did this boy, the son of a union leader in Mexico. Would you mercifully kill him first before they could get a hold of him and kill him after they have their fun with him?

What about this poor woman who died a horrible death that included rape, torture and then sodomized with broom handle. This happened in S. Africa because she was white. Imagine that's your daughter or wife. Still thinking about that question?

How about this guy who was carjacked, then tied to the bumper of his car and dragged 600 meters?

I think you get the point.

These sick soulless degenerates do this kind of stuff for fun!

What do you think they'd do to you and your family if there is nobody to stop them?

What do you think is going to happen when they can stop hiding behind their masks of civility and go full on savage with impunity?

Perhaps you have the kind of wife you can bring the subject up with and make an agreement to die at each others hands rather than endure this kind of living hell.

Perhaps you don't and will have to make the decision in secret,

As much as we may not want to think about it, I think it's prudent to deal with that possibility NOW before you lose that opportunity later.

If you're armed with a firearm, do you double tap them to the head?

If you have a knife of suitable length and strength, do you quickly insert it in the base of their skull at an upward angle and scramble the brains?

If you find yourself unarmed with either of the above, do you put them in a choke hold until they pass out and die from lack of oxygen?

I absolutely hate this post! I've struggled with it all day and I almost didn't write it. But I would be lying to myself if I denied that this type of scenario could happen here, because in other parts of the world where society has broken down, it HAS happened.

Think about it. Think about your family. Would they be cursing your name while they're being gang raped, tortured, mutilated, etc., for not ending their lives when you had the chance to do so?

Some things are worse than death.


  1. I've been reading about and seeing photos of the Mexico narco-insanity for a few months. They make al-Queda look like rank amateurs.

    I bumped across the video you posted a few days ago. I refused to watch it then, and I won't watch it now.

    After seeing a couple of the Islamic beheading videos many years ago, I had seen and learned all I needed, and I decided on a few things.

    These miserable creatures are soulless spawns of Satan, and I would never allow myself or a loved one to be taken alive by them.

    God help us all.

    1. Hey Man....What about killing thousands of innocents in Iraq by black water insane....? Don’t you think this is also a catastrophe.....? Did u think one day or watched a video shows what your troops did in our countries....please don't play the role of” Satan lawyer “ when your troops made the chaos… theses groups appeared …..In Iraq …. The whole country destroyed even the museum (more than 7000 yea B.C civilization has been stolen ) except for one building …MINISTRY OF OIL

  2. Good God man, did you have to do that to my blood pressure?

    Something to consider. To ponder. To be horrified about.

  3. Better to see it, realize it, and accept it now so you will be better prepared to deal with it later.

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  4. Exactly.

    I just linked in the constitutionalist/libertarian scrum ongoing at my place.

    I'll do a standalone post later in the week.

    Thanks for the work.

    -- ca

  5. Reality sucks at times, doesn't it? You are so frighteningly correct: this kind of thing is going to become common place in the not-too-distant future and we have to steel ourselves to this reality and our actions well ahead of time.
    My son, a few close friends, and I have been discussing this kind of situation for some time and my conclusion, for myself, is 'send it'. So far, the others are fence straddling, insecure in their beliefs and trusting things to not get so bad.
    There will be those who read your post and deny it will ever reach that point, would prefer living in LaLaLand. But no denying it's happening now and is only a matter of time before it's not only common place, but world wide.

  6. Watch it over, and over, and over until it doesn't bother you. Then watch it again. Find the uncensored photo's, look at them, analyze them, pick them apart until it doesn't bother you. Think of the people in those photo's and video's as the enemy that came to your door for your family.

    Then imagine your family in those photo's. I guarantee it will bother you, no matter how many times you do it, it should bother you. Each and every time. If it doesn't, you're no better than the folks you dispatched in the first set of images.

    The more you are attached to the living, the easier it will be to be friends with the dead. And, yes, there are worse things than death. Much worse.

  7. AND Muslim to Christian atrocities, raping, burning and destroying entire towns, etc, while "bubba" had the incomming news classified top secret. 5 countries of the Balkans, "Bosnia" was another blow off of don't ask don't tell, and wife's doing another classified trick... Any one with some time, google and check dates of some UNwar crimes trials. Anyone noticing small businesses like diners, being bought up? Like a cheap motel 6 setup. I'm a Christian and their barbarians. Just like the American Jap POW of 42 to 1945. Thanks for the support and GOD BLESS AMERICA

  8. Used to not carry all the time. But now I never leave the house without one. The time and place could be tomorrow. Get the right mindset.

  9. Could you reveal the identity of the murder victim in South Africa, who was raped and killed because she was White? We have to end the hush crimes by giving the victims their names and faces back.