Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Teacher Apologizes After Students Shown Porn

Found this story on FreeRepublic:

GOLDEN – A Jefferson County middle-school teacher is apologizing after students were accidentally shown a pornography tape by a substitute teacher.

Students at Bell Middle School in Golden were supposed to see a Rosa Parks documentary while the teacher was away at a meeting. The substitute teacher forgot to turn off the machine after the documentary ended.

According to KUSA-TV, parents were notified and school officials are investigating.

The teachers were not identified.
 And here's the quote of the day in response to this story:

The “public school”, including the “charter school”, is BY FAR, the largest, most expensive, most subversive, and most destructive entitlement program in the country.

The “public school”, including the “charter school”, is better understood as the “government school collective”.

It is silly to imagine that you can fix the public schools, because the very concept itself is communist.

Any child that comes out of the government school collective with their moral compass and common sense intact does so in spite of the government school indoctrination, not because of it.

If you want to win the culture war, have lots of children (see my tagline) and homeschool them or form your own school cooperative with your church or synagogue and like-minded friends and relatives.

Nobody loves your children more than you do.

Nobody can teach your children like you can.

Your children would love nothing better than to be taught by you, if you start doing so before they are corrupted by the government school collective.

It is hypocritical for you to submit your children to an authority with whom you fundamentally disagree. And your children will know it.

If you have children, make whatever sacrifices you must to get them out of the public schools.


Especially not with your own children.


He that pays the piper calls the tune, and that’s especially true for any government “education” program.
Do you not yet understand why we're turning out a generation of  selfish, immoral, entitled mentality punks?

Seriously, if you send your kids to public indoctrination centers, you're supporting the results.

Silence is consent.


  1. Please explain my alternatives.

    I'm a single parent. I can't homeschool & go to work. I'm on one income, I can't afford private schools, even the supposedly christian ones that still charge outrageous amounts of money.

    What are my alternatives?


    1. The only thing I can come up with right off the top of my head is to be very involved with your child's school work. Know what is going on, ask questions, keep an open line of communication with the teachers and your child.

      Counter the political correct B.S. they are being taught with Biblical and moral principles. Most important, because they won't teach this in school, teach your child to think critically and ask questions and pursue the answers.

      You're in a tough spot and I sympathize with your plight.

    2. You could also try the following sources:

      Hopefully one of those will help.

  2. Thanks Ironwill,

    The first things i'm already doing, for certain. I will look at your suggested sites and see if I can find anything that helps me. I appreciate you.