Tuesday, June 19, 2012

(Former TSA) Woman Accused of Groping TSA Agent

It happened on her way to Cleveland, Ohio. Airline passenger Carol Price says while going through security to catch her flight, a TSA agent groped her.

In response, the video shows Price put down her carry-on bags, turn to a TSA supervisor and grab her - allegedly without permission - to show the supervisor what Price says she went through.
 Well, they don't like it when the shoe is on the other foot now, do they?

Price is a former TSA agent who worked at the airport until a few years ago.

Crotch grabbing by the TSA.

Tell me again, how does that make us safer?

Full story here.

h/t Curtis


  1. Violence against TSA officers is unacceptable?? Who in the hell gave THEM permission to grope at will??? When they touch you it is "doing their job". Reverse the situation and touch them the same exact way then it is a stay in jail!!! W.T.F.????

  2. You realize that TSA agents live in the same community as the airports they work in, don't you?

    Maybe become proactive.


  3. Violence against what? *sigh* They keep misspelling "clerk."