Tuesday, June 12, 2012

More On The Aurora PD Stasi Jackboots

Remember last week when the Aurora PD in Colorado detained and handcuffed every motorist and passenger in the intersection while looking for a bank robbery suspect?

This is the kind of behavior Americans around the country have been terrified would begin, that their own police would turn on everyday citizens, an armed gang. Stifling dissent of the “occupy” movement, taking payoffs from “banksters” is one thing but, not the photo above, that is a 12 ga. shotgun inches from the face of a small child. That is a felony, not just a violation of “police procedure.”
Go here and read the entire article.

This is the crap that happens in communist countries.

It shouldn't be happening here but it is, all across the country.


The locals here don't call it Saudi Aurora for nothing.

After you read the above link, go read Curtis's post about how people are embracing this Police State action.

Maybe the Aurora PD and the boot-licking populace should be reminded of this little annoying fact:

Next time you may need to visit Aurora, Colorado, perhaps you had best ask your friends to meet you on “American territory” where there are laws.


  1. What's his name?

    It must be public, somehow?

    The dolt with the shottie. His face is not covered. He can be identified.

    Shame him, if nothing else.

  2. Wish I knew. And that other coward behind the shield holding his pistol out.

    You can file a complaint online at:

    Doubt it will do any good but if they get enough complaints????

  3. 19 new millionaires in aurora,or no more p.d.