Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Police Handcuff Every Motorist at Intersection

This happened in my neck of the woods and I didn't hear about it until I saw Kerodin's post this morning.

No surprise that it's the Aurora PD doing this. They have a track record for violating individual rights, i.e.: Police Brutality.

This is worse than a DUI Checkpoint. Citizens were pulled out of their cars and detained against their will simply for being there.

40 innocent people were detained for over 2 hours.

No search warrants, no probable cause, no suspect description.

Police in Aurora, Colo., searching for suspected bank robbers stopped every car at an intersection, handcuffed all the adults and searched the cars, one of which they believed was carrying the suspect.
Police said they had received what they called a “reliable” tip that the culprit in an armed robbery at a Wells Fargo bank committed earlier was stopped at the red light.
We didn’t have a description, didn’t know race or gender or anything, so a split-second decision was made to stop all the cars at that intersection, and search for the armed robber,” Aurora police Officer Frank Fania told ABC News.

Officers barricaded the area, halting 19 cars.
So rounding everyone up in order to conduct a process of elimination to find out who is guilty and who is not is the new operating procedure?

Guilty until proven innocent?

But hey! They caught the guy, so it makes it all okay! Right?!

If you didn't do anything wrong, you've got  nothing to worry about.

Keep telling yourself that.

Read the entire story here.

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