Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Garbage Collectors: The New Gestapo

Garbage collectors are being trained by police, the DHS, and the FBI, to be on the lookout for terrorists...the definition of terrorist they're using is YOU.

As if spying on your emails and phone calls is not enough, now they're digging in your trash to find trash on you.

"...history shows that governments training citizens to spy on each other is a sign of a society in terminal decay. Such programs never lead to a more secure society, but instead breed suspicion, distrust, fear and resentment amongst the population.
You've heard of the term SWATTING, right?

How easy would it be to plant 'evidence' in someone's garbage where it would be seen and reported by these 'trash spies'?

It works both ways.

Read the report here.

h/t Curtis

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