Wednesday, July 25, 2012

More Anaheim Mayhem: Protesters vs Police

Protester claiming to be related to man gunned down by police last weekend taunts police to shoot her.

On Sunday, the police opened fire with pepper balls, rubber bullets, and bean bagshot on men, women and children who were protesting the police shooting of an unarmed man in the back.

“He was shot first in the back, but he was down," Diaz’s mother, Genevieve Huizar, told through tears Sunday, “then they shot him a second time. They shot him in the head.
A larger protest took place today. See video below. Sorry about the commercial. Just get through it to see the chaos.

Did you notice anything funny about some of their helmets?

Did you see some of them with what appears to be digital camo helmet covers?

What's up with that?



In case you missed your invitation to the Police State, willkommen!

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