Friday, August 3, 2012

House of (non)Representatives Hand Øbama More Dictatorial Power

The Presidential Appointment Efficiency and Streamlining Act (S.679) was passed by the House of (non)Representatives this past Tuesday.

Didn't hear about it?

In a nutshell:

They passed a bill rewriting Article II of the Constitution and divesting the Senate of the power to accept or reject the appointment of many presidential nominees.
Dozens of key management positions in the Departments of Agriculture, Defense, Commerce, and Homeland Security (including the treasurer of the United States, the deputy administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration, the director of the Office for Domestic Preparedness, and the assistant administrator of FEMA) will now be filled by presidential edict, without the need of the “advice and consent” of the Senate, a phrase specifically removed from the process in the text of the bill.
The bill takes effect 60 days from passing.

Read the rest here.

This is a not a drill.



  1. We're gonna run outta rope hangin' all these traitorous bastards.

    1. I guess we can get all those 'shovel-ready' jobs put to use then.

  2. In my state of Indiana, my rep Carson, a D and a Muslim, voted yes, as did Rokita, an R.

    The two no votes were Burton R, and Bucshon R.

    Two Rs ABSTAINED! Pence and Young. WTF?


  3. The Repubs can't wait to abuse the same power that Obama has. That is why they won't stop him from his tyranny.

    Just like the Demo-rats did not stop the evil BOOOOSHitler from his patriot act or creating the DHSS. Very handy things for a totalitarian thug to use.

    As with the Wiemar Republic, use the hammer the other guy made for you.