Monday, August 27, 2012

Kalifornians Will Be Able To Register To Vote Online (Illegals Too?)

Okay, first, I have nothing against legal immigrants who come here to become citizens. If you jump through all the hoops and patiently wait your turn to become an American citizen, I welcome you with open arms.

The illegal immigrants who sneak across our border, mooch off our welfare, hospitals, etc..., I have a BIG problem with.

Well, beginning next month, California (surprised?) is going to implement online voter registration. All that's required is a California drivers license.

The online program...
"...involves the secretary of state and the Department of Motor Vehicles coordinating their databases in a way that will allow elections officials to authenticate a new registrant's identity and obtain a digitized copy of his or her signature."
Despite a ban on illegal immigrants being issued a driver's license in California, a new bill would change that.

So unless this new online voter registration also verifies a person's citizenship, which there was no mention of in the article, then California will have just ALLOWED over 300K illegals to vote if the new bill for granting illegals a driver's license passes.

Can we expel Kalifornia from the country yet?

Read the rest this idiocy here.

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