Saturday, August 11, 2012

M1117's Sighted On The Road

A reader sent me and WRSA this photo. (I cleaned up the color a little)

Further confirmation of what was reported earlier this week.

I spotted this thing yesterday on my way home from work at 1:31PM on 8-10-12,  heading East on West Alameda Parkway.

Information provided by Dan tells me this looks like a standard HEMITT wrecker from the 335th Corps...98th Signal Battalion.

It turned into the Denver Federal Center at Gate 7.

Keep the photos coming.

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  1. The latter ugly one is a wrecker (tow truck), and looks like a signal company based on the tail number. You can look up the battalion and unit. Looks like National Guard.

    I can tell you from experience, after 9/11 units that were activated for enduring freedom (hinky spook missions to respond to another airplane incident/ other) taped over tail numbers and unit patches on the left arm when traveling in conus.

    Keep an eye out for taped-over tail numbers (most importantly), and 100MPH tape over unit patches, or no unit patches (velcro now)

    Ammo was distributed in sealed cans, and would not be loaded into magazines without commander's order.