Thursday, August 9, 2012

San Juan, Texas PD Gets Armored Vehicle

SAN JUAN - San Juan police unveiled their new high-tech tool, an armored vehicle. It has a 50-caliber machine gun and can carry a team of up to 32 trained officers.

San Juan Police Chief Juan Gonzalez says his team will be ready to help and respond anywhere across the Rio Grande Valley. "Every single city has different threats and this particular armored vehicle was designed to cover all those threats from all cities... We want to make sure that when we do those operations those officers are going back home. The only persons that are going to lose there are the criminal element. They're going to go to jail," says Gonzalez.

The police chief tells us he hopes the armored vehicle will help law enforcement in the Valley get the upper-hand with the threat of violence from Mexico looming every day. The armored vehicle cost more than $100,000.
 I think they just wasted $100K.

This will do nothing to curb the violence spilling over from Mexico.

This will be used against American Citizens before it's ever used on Mexican trouble makers.

Click here to watch the news video.


  1. Gee, just what the need........

  2. I highly doubt 32 people will fit in that. :-)

  3. 32 mexicans might...