Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Public Service Announcement - Warning! Graphic!

Lebanese paper report - Murdered U.S. Ambassador to Libya reportedly raped

SOP for those satanic animals.

I have no words at the moment.

Just rage...


  1. I don't agree. That is the work of crazy extremists. There's crazy extremist jews, christians and muslims, and there's crazy shit in all of the books (bible, torah, koran). The extremism is usually proportional to the level of poverty, lack of education, and desperation. Like many big problems, the Middle East is far more nuanced than you first realize, but you have to start digging and learning.

    Here's some pictures of Libya where people are protesting the murder of the ambassador:

    And here's a great documentary about the Iranian people:

    Much of what relatively ignorant western people criticize muslims for are backward bedouin customs (honor killings, mutilation, etc) which are contradictory with islam, but are looked on as a sacred heritage or some bullshit.

    People are people the world over, some are crazy, but the vast majority are much like you and I. They have hopes, dreams, challenges, they feel pain, they love and want to protect their family, they feel joy and feel loss. Many people in the US have an aversion towards Islam, that's fine. But be wary of what is being sold to you. It's eerily similar rhetoric to that used against the Jews by Hitler... Think about it.

    Oh, and just if you were wondering, I'm not Muslim, I'm catholic, not that it matters anyway.

    1. Saudi Arabia is very prosperous. It has first world living conditions. Women are not allowed to drive or show more than their eyes or go anywhere without a man. It is the only first world country that practices torture and the only first world country where people are beheaded with a sword.

      The major sects of Christianity have had their reformations and Judiasm is tolerant to the point that Jewish law is voluntary. Islam has never had reformation.

  2. ALL muslims can and will commit the above depicted atrocities.
    And they will do so gladly abpnd willingly. There are NO moderate
    muslims. There are NO peaceful muslims. There are NO muslims who
    will not commit violence in the name of their pedaerast prophet.

    Any person who claims to be a moderate peaceful muslim is lying (taqqiya)
    or is an apostate......i.e. not a true muslim according to the quran.

    Islamcannot and will not coexist with or allow the existence of any other relgion,
    creed or societal construct. Any one who tells you otherwise is a fool or a liar.

  3. Not that muslims wouldn't do it....but I believe I recognize the 'stab' and 'defile' pics from Mexican cartel actions.

    We've already seen where they will behead a dozen at a time to make a 'point' so, as much of an overall threat the muslim problem may not ever discount the more immediate threat from the south.

  4. One word: "Blowback":

    And here's a must watch:

    Chalmers Johnson - Blowback and sorrows of empire