Thursday, September 13, 2012

DHS MRAP - A Video Tour

Tactical Supervisor Robert Whittaker gives us a tour of the DHS MRAP vehicle based out in El Paso.

Pay attention. He points out specific details that could be exploited with the right know-how.


  1. Random thoughts: cool. It has a "Cummings" turbo diesel engine.

    -Why is it every one of these goons slurs their speech?

    -And why are they such fast talkers? Is it because they have lots of important shit to say and not a lot of time to say it because they have more important and pressing shit to do than talk to mere mundanes?

    Or what?


  2. So, it's heavy, doesn't pursue well against automobiles and trucks. Back door is a murder hole so you can either pick off the jbt hanging on the runners or when they stop concentrate on the rear.

    15 tons is A LOT of weight! Surely a disguised trench or trap can be improvised or make them drive across ground that will bog them down.

    That gun position atop isn't armored all around...

    Also a HESH warhead (high explosive, squash head) isn't hard to make if you have C4 and a contact detonator of some kind:

    / *

    Plastic casing, explosive, detonator at the base of the warhead. Can be propelled by a rocket or shell but when the warhead makes contact with that SMALL ARMS proof armor the C4 plastique SPLATS and milliseconds later the contact detonator hits the armor. Massive spalling inside as the armor is turned into shrapnel and bounces about inside.