Friday, September 28, 2012

Dragon Day - A New Film

An interesting independent film about what happens when China conducts a full scale cyber-attack after the US refuses to pay its' debts to them.

The actual filming has been completed. Being an independent film, they are seeking money to complete the post-production.

Visit their website for more info.


  1. Have a vehicle with points ignition.

    1. Gas stations won't be able to pump. Long term, you could use natural gas or biodiesel, IF we don't have an enemy keeping us from doing anything.

  2. Hummmmmm, my comment would be something like, right at the moment they are using the US military in Iraq and Afganistan to secure these countries for the international gobal cabal banking system. Next up ------- use the Chinese armed forces in the same way to dismantle the USA. And so this film is not so farfetched as we can all ready see their preparations for doing exactly this sort of thing.-----the only wild card is excactly whose forces will be used for this purpose--------at the moment there are a few choices with the Chinese being one of them-----Ravenwolf1776