Friday, September 28, 2012

One-Third of Denver SWAT Can't Pass Basic Fitness Test

If you can do the following (and you should):
  • One pull-up with a 40 pound weight attached
  • Running 1 1/2 miles in just under 14 minutes
  • 35 pushups in a minute
  • 37 situps in a minute
  • Vertical Jump - 19 inches
  • 300 meter run in 59 seconds
Then you are in better shape than one-third of the Denver SWAT team.

A CBS4 investigation has found that about one third of the members of the Denver Police Department’s elite Metro SWAT Unit have been routinely flunking their semi-annual physical fitness exams.

But SWAT team records obtained by CBS4 under the Colorado Open Records Act show that a significant number of officers have been unable to complete the physical challenges, some failing every single component of the test.
Read the rest here.

Download a PDF of some of the pathetic results here.

Don't be one of these guys.

Increase your PT.


  1. That sounds like a GOOD thing! I mean, they're not dickless diabetic 400lb drone jockeys a thousand miles away but still it means if you can break the Denver PD SWAT assault and get them into pursuit, if YOU'RE in shape and can bust through their perimeter... and if you can halt or escape from a SWAT assault you can definetly bust through perimeter coppers... you might get away-or find your next fighting position.

    1. True...and these are supposed to be the 'elite' guys. Just imagine what kind of shape the regular cops are in.

    2. Certainly more foodies among them but there are certainly more than a few that look like they could bench press those dickless diabetic 400lb drone jockeys. Shoot them first.


  3. Damn. I just ran a 11:40 1 1/2 mile last week, at about 7300 feet. Fucking easy.