Thursday, September 27, 2012

Overwhites - Not Just For Snow Use Anymore

A company called Vertx has got their digital camo Duro / Stealth PXL® Snow Camouflage up for sale.

But according to KitUp.military.comthese overwhites have an urban warfare application.
As it turns out, although originally designed for snow and ice environments, the Overwhites have evolved into something more than, well, Overwhites. Their white-and-gray pattern is very well suited for a variety of urban environments, particularly high light-colored positions. At least one major metropolitan police agency has put them into the field for rooftop counter-sniper position.

I'm no expert, but that's a damn good idea, IMHO, if you have to take to sniping off rooftops (assuming the roofs are white) when the SHTF.

Easy on, over your street clothes. Easy off, back into your street clothes.


Add this to your tool box of knowledge, folks.

Overwhites don't have to be used exclusively in mountainous snowy AO's.

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  1. the white part isn't much different from a $4 painter's suit...