Thursday, September 13, 2012

Project Meshnet

Something to consider if Øbama signs an Executive Order on Cybersecurity that he hasn't been able to get passed in Congress.

Just in case he uses it at some point to restrict access to the internet, or shut it down completely, the free flow of information wouldn't be affected.

This project is still in the Alpha stage but the more people get involved, the faster it will evolve.

More here.


  1. When .gov shuts down the internet if necessary
    they will SHUT IT in pull the plug...
    as in the wire running from your house
    to the rest of the world will no longer connect to anywhere, as in any and all non approved wireless transmissions will be blocked and those
    attempting them will be tracked down via "sniffers" from the FCC and arrested. It's not just that the government controls the DNS servers etc. The government can tell Verizon,
    Charter, Time-Warner etc. to literally pull the plug on the internet service they provide, just as they can tell them to turn off your hardwired landline telephone and turn off the cell towers that repeat cellular phone traffic.

    Big Brother can command the companies that control communications infrastructure to turn off any and all parts of it they choose to render inoperable. After that, they can selectively reconnect and reconfigure as needed so that LEO, .mil etc. have internet and comms and the rest of us are in the dark.

    1. As I understood, (I may be wrong) Project Meshnet doesn't rely on those providers or DNS servers. YOUR computer IS the DNS server via Wi-Fi to other computers that act as DNS servers and so forth. But for it to work effectively, a lot of other people have to be running the same software and hardware. It's a nice idea if it gets up and running before the plug is pulled but unlikely.