Wednesday, October 10, 2012

4 Milwaukee Police Officers Charged - Illegal Rectal Searches

Four Milwaukee police officers were charged Tuesday with felonies related to illegal rectal searches of suspects on the street and in police district stations over the past two years.

In one case, an officer held a gun to a man's head as two others held his arms and a third put him in a choke hold while jamming a hand into his anus, purportedly searching for evidence, according to the criminal complaint. Another man bled from his rectum for several days after his encounter with police, the complaint says.

The complaint lays out in graphic detail how the primary suspect, Officer Michael Vagnini, conducted searches of men's anal and scrotal areas, often inserting his fingers into their rectums. Vagnini acknowledged performing one of the searches. At least one suspect said Vagnini planted drugs on him.

State law and police procedures prohibit officers from conducting cavity searches. Only medical personnel are allowed to perform them, and police must first obtain a search warrant.
 Ignore the law, they have a badge, they are the law!

Michael Tobin, executive director of the Fire and Police Commission, said the next step is to determine through a separate internal investigation whether discipline should result.

You have to try and figure this one out?
  • Illegal searches
  • Planting of evidence
  • Sexual assault
  • Depriving another person of his civil rights under color of law
Meanwhile the fingering-butt-pokers are enjoying some nice relaxing paid time off.

Read the rest of the of story here.

This crap will continue to happen until they get the message.


  1. Was that officer's name Officer Vagina? Looks like he got it BassAkwards and he should be re-named OFFICER RECTUM instead. Total PERVERT.
    Somehow I keep thinking of the old advertisement of THE BEER THAT MADE MILWAUKEE FAMOUS and now I read about the Pervert Cop that made Milwaukee FLAMEASS. Dumb cops.

  2. What a sick hobby. Hope he doesn't moonlight @ Col. Sanders

    Ya know, mebbe someone could come up with posters about him along the "uncle sam wants you" finger pointing line... for distribution around his town.

  3. What we are DOING is; BLAH BLAH BLAH we talk this to death,we rant we fume. But I don't and have'nt seen a single III%er or "patriot" DO ANYTHING BUT TALK. Nothing ,zip, nada. Want to know why the government acts like this? Cause they KNOW that NONE of you will EVER fight back. Never have.Never will. WHEN the "G" takes your last slingshot,and puts you and your kids in cattle cars for the ride to the death camps. I GARENTEE Y'all will still be saying "now is not the time". Untill we Stop talking and start DOING we are part of the problem. You act like the Jews in the 20s and 30s, And if we don't stand soon we'll get the same result.

    1. So what do YOU suggest we do and when and where? You gonna be the first to act? Be patient. I don't think it will be long now.

    2. are exactly right as is the "other" anonymous. Many people are waiting for the "spark" that lights the proverbial candle.

      Nobody in their right mind, or at least one that doesn't want to be eating green bologna sandwiched in a jumpsuit and flip flops, is going rogue...yet.

      It's called incrementalism. TPTB are slowwwwly taking us down the path, probing, seeing what they can get away with. Eventually, they will make one mistake and push just a little too far and somebody or a whole LOT of somebodies are going to light the candle. Patience is a virtue, and it keeps you on the streets and out of jail, then prison.

      Be patient. If the usurper wins again, I am CERTAIN that he lacks the intelligence (despite how the MSM tells us how "brilliant" he is) to control himself and his agenda. He himself will be the dope, pun intended, that will light that candle as they said in "The Right Stuff". So wait......

      "Somebody light this candle!". HE will.

  4. Fuckin pervert's ! ought to have their asses shaved and be thrown in with the San Quentin poop shoot pal's.

  5. I'm thinkin' 5 cell maglight in Officer Rectum's poopchute....

    That'll make 'em think