Saturday, October 13, 2012

Blast Injury and Triage - Viewer Discretion

Uncensored footage of an Afghan soldier working with our troops getting severely wounded by an IED or landmine. (blast occurs at 0:50 mark)

Left leg severed below the ankle. Left arm damaged from the blast. Severe facial injuries to lips and eyes, possible broken jaw.

Use this video as a training tool. (as in what NOT to do)

You do have your CAT Tourniquets, right?

Brush up "Get solid training" in TC3. (Corrected per Mosby. See comments below)

Mosby discusses. Part 1 and Part 2.

There is no redo on the final exam.

h/t DS. Stay safe out there.


  1. Combat injuries of this type and severity can and often are fatal without maximum medical care being given with maximum speed. In the current combat scenario US troops recieve world class care in very short time spans. In a CWII/insurgency type scenario uniformed forces working for the government will also have this level of care available to them if needed. Those on the other side will not. If an injury is incurred by a person in opposition to government agency's that person will live or die and recover or be crippled and helpless based soley on the vagaries of fate. Only rudmentary levels of care can be given to complex trauma outside of a modern hospital and unless .gov is losing in large sections of the country insurgents will not have access to modern healthcare technology.....which ONLY exists in hospitals and very high level clinics.

  2. Reaction time way too slow for getting
    a tourniquet on.


  3. An add on, now that I've watched the
    entire clip.
    Firstly, I hope that SFC is not a medic,
    "know it all;" it's based on my
    being a compotent medic.
    The casualty obviously has a shatterd jaw,
    loose teeth, missing teeth(were could they
    be) and a shattered face, but no airway check
    is performed.
    Yes, he's breathing(with great difficulty) for
    the moment, but will he be one, two, five minutes
    later when teeth, jawbone and flesh fragments finally
    obstructs his airway?
    These soldiers are tunnel visioned on tourniquets, even
    on non-life threatening bleeding. He's not bleeding out
    from the left arm, but let's tourniquet it; get an emergency
    bandage on it. If that doesn't help, apply a pressure dressing,
    then if all else has failed, back the emergency bandage, pressure
    dressing with a tourniquet.
    It's obviously late fall or winter, they are clearly up in the mountains
    and it's a slate gray sky and damp; let's strip every strip of
    clothing off the casualty; not to correctly get at actual wounds
    or check for unseen injuries, but because you have tunnel vision mixed
    with incompotency running wild.
    Now that he is made more nude by the second, please don't do
    anything to prevent hypothermia.
    However, to be honest, it's not as stupid as trying to cut loose and
    remove clothing that is already blocked and locked down by a tourniquet.
    The initial tourniquet goes as high as possible, a secondary must be placed in contact with skin(two to four inches) above amuptation or life threatening bleed out.
    There is so much more, but I've already been extremely critical.
    It's so damned frustrating watching this video.
    Without question, it's an example of how the ative duty Army is inept
    and incompotent across the board with training.
    We constantly waste time with so many things PC, EO, PR and sensitivity based that training of required soldiering skills fall by the wayside(ignored) until someone becomes worried about looking like shit because large numbers of soldiers are overdue for(inadequate/infrequent) refresher training.
    Just like everyone cannot be a skilled mechanic, not everyone can be a skilled medic.
    Therefore, infrequent and inadequate training designed by inept imbeciles, solely concerned about being chewed out over poor training stats(jepordizing promotion) results in poor skill level evident throughout the video.


  4. TC3 is not rocket science. The Ranger Regiment has achieved a less than 3% fatality rate, from survivable wounds, because every swinging Dick is taught Ranger First Responder. There's no reason that every private in the Army, ESPECIALLY in Combat Arms, can't be taught TC3 PROPERLY.

    In fact, the only thing I disagree with WolveRine on is that it did look like they were trying to clear his airway by suctioning fluids with a syringe, and the medic did, at one point, have his scalpel out, apparently to perform a surgical airway intervention, if needed. However....the fact that it took them around 9 minutes to get two tourniquets on, is absolutely pathetic.

    IronWill is wrong only on one thing: Don't "brush up" on TC3...Get solid training in TC3, and learn how to utilize these procedures.

    Dan, in the event of CW2, one of the first, most critical tasks of the Auxiliary will be the establishment of guerrilla hospitals in safehouses and secure areas. There will be a lot more able care-givers than most people believe, in my estimation.