Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Still Think There's A Difference?

From Denninger:
Holy crap.

First, if you were looking for some sort of rousing surprise, you got one.  But not where you might have been looking for it.

Romney tattooed Obama with his record, which was his strongest point of attack and a perfectly-valid one.  Obama failed to lead, but he had little to lead with given the 4 years of history.  The dissembling coming from Obama on the Libya attacks, in particular, were outrageous lies.  But Romney told his share of whoppers as well in that he had no point of defense when it came to offshoring jobs and his record of doing it himself.
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Neither one of these jokers will do anything to repudiate, repeal, or remove, any laws, mandates, or E.O.'s that step all over our Unalienable Rights. They'll continue to do just the opposite.

The People's Propaganda Department have done an excellent job keeping you in the dark and spoon feeding you a 'choice' to vote from.

There are 'other' candidate choices on the ballot, but you'll have to do your own homework.

If you're going to protest by abstaining from voting, reconsider and at least vote for one of the other guys. (after you do your homework)

It's not going to make a difference anyway (because I believe the die has been cast) but you can still vote.

This might be your last opportunity to do so.

h/t Pete


  1. The Quadfather10/18/2012 1:06 AM

    I don't exactly buy this "no difference between" crap. Mittens may not be my choice, and he may not be ideal, but he's a wnole lot better than Obummer. If nothing else, I want him to win just to repudiate the O-hole. After all, what do you expect this day and age, a George Washington?

  2. "...what do you expect this day and age, a George Washington?..."
    Well, a reasonable facsimile would be fine.
    But Romney-Ban-A-Gun-Or-Three-Care isn't even close. In fact, not even the same planet.

  3. "but he's a wnole lot better than Obummer."

    Yep. Lenin was a whole lot better than Hitler. I guess...