Monday, October 8, 2012

The Republic is Dead, But I Am Not

Photo by Michael Friberg
Tonight, 3 flags were retired at the Cub Scout pack meeting of my 2 oldest boys.

The following script was read during the retirement ceremony:
I am your Flag. I was born on June 14, 1777. I am more than just a piece of cloth shaped into a colorful design; I am the silent sentinel of freedom for the greatest sovereign nation on earth. I am the inspiration for which America patriots gave their lives and fortunes; I am the emblem of America.

I have led your sons into battle from Valley Forge to Afghanistan. I have been there though the Civil War, Two World wars, at Gettysburg, Flanders, Korea, the Gulf War, all of them. I was there with George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, and I here with you now.

I have flown through Peace and War. Through strife and Prosperity, and amidst it all, I have always been respected. My red stripes symbolize the blood spilled in defense of this glorious nation. My white stripes, the burning tears shed by Americans who lost their sons in battle. My blue field represents God’s Heaven under which I fly, and my stars, clustered together, unify the fifty states as one for God and Country.

I am "Old Glory" and I proudly wave on high. Honor me, respect me, and defend me with your lives. Never let our enemies tear me down from my lofty position, lest I never return. Keep alight the fires of patriotism, strive earnestly for the spirit of democracy, and keep me always as a symbol of freedom, liberty, and peace in our country.

When it comes the time when I am old and faded, do not let me fly in disrepair, rather Retire me from my duties only to replace me with a new flag so that I may continue to symbolize our country.
One at a time each flag was ceremoniously unfurled, given a last Pledge of Allegiance, then carefully placed into its' fiery end.

In the midst of the silent salutes as the first flag was carefully placed into the fire, my vision became blurred as tears welled in my eyes. I've realized it before, but that was the moment that I accepted that our America, our Republic, the one that so many bled and died for, is truly dead.

I reflected on the fact that my boys will never know the freedom that was promised to them. They will only know stories of what it used to be. Hoodwinked by opportunists and allowed to be sold by a complacent citizenry, it may be too late to turn back.

Yes, it may be too late, but I will not roll over and do nothing.

I choose not to distract myself with television 'programming' like the masses do.

I choose not to waste my time pumping my head full of useless lyrics from sub-par poets set to the same monotonous beats.

I choose not to go to the Colosseum in my living room and watch opposing teams battle over a pigskin ball.

I choose to spend my time earning an honest living to provide for my family.

I choose to spend my time learning as much as I can from like minded men like John Mosby, Arctic Patriot, and others.

I choose to spend my time making plans and preparations for what's to come.

I need to work more on building my tribe.

I need to work more on establishing contacts.

There is always something more that needs to be done.

I will continue to do what I can to prepare for the fight we all know is coming. Hell, even the .gov knows it's coming! What do you think they are getting ready for?

I owe it to my family.

I owe it my myself.

And most of all, I owe it to those who served in my stead.

There are times when I feel like a rider in Theoden's army, facing an insurmountable horde of Orcs.

But I am not alone, when I look around, I see others besides me with the same thoughts and concerns.

When the time arrives, I will die fighting. I choose to die free of those who want to oppress me. I will not be the only one.

I've made my peace with it. My soul is secure. Death has no claim over me.

The Republic is dead, but I am not.

Not yet.


  1. "So much death. What can men do against so much reckless hate?"

    "Ride out with me. Ride out and meet them."

    "For death and glory?"

    "For America. For your people..."

    "The sun is rising."

    Sorry AP ;)

    ...While their Republic may be dead, the one my forefathers fought for, at Shiloh, at Belleu Wood, at Anzio, MY Republic is not dead. My child's Republic is not dead. Nor will I leave him a corpse of one as a legacy. Or leave him a slave collar as an inheritance.

    To those who read this as a job; you can kill us, but you cannot kill and idea so powerful as freedom. It is given to us by God, and no matter who you serve that cannot be stripped from men. For as the drive for life itself, It is burning in every heart. Whether that person knows it now or not. No system of repression can last that enslaves man. History shows they all fall with time. The only variable is the body count.

    To men of good conscience. Gird they self for battle. There is a reason the servents of evil despise God and the Gospel of Christ. For it is the Gospel of Freedom. the Gospel of a warrior people. The gospel of truth and hope. No godless mob can change that. They can only try to scare people from discovering it's true message.

    Forth Americans. For God and country. For our souls. For our ancestors sacrifice. For our children.

    Sic Semper Tyrannis.

    1. Sorry AP ;)


      I'm over myself now...



    2. Beautifully, beautifully written.

      What an honor it would be to fight next to you.

  2. I wonder, Mr Resistor, if you have the entire picture. You're ready to die but you don't know everything you need to. What if I told you that you would not be serving "America" but you would be helping to destroy it? You are in the Orc army.

    You're so close, talking about your tribe. Funny you should relate to Theoden. Theoden and America had the same founding stock. It is not diverse or multicultural. Look at the main characters of Lord of the Rings and tell what color you see.

    Your tribe is not America! America has no place for your tribe today. The truth is, you are probably the greatest enemy of your tribe. You work for the enemy.

    You cannot talk about "America" without talking about white. And I tell you, you ashamed of being white, just as Mosby is. I know this because a few choice phrases and you will apologize day and night. It's not freedom you want to love. Why do you think you relate to the knights of Theoden, or knights at all?

    1. R yu a jerk?
      Yes. Yes u r.

    2. I am a jerk. That is true.

      Today, you may witness - a man is a jerk or a man is a unthinking lamb. You choose what you want to be.

      I don't care about these leftist tricks. I am a jerk, racist, bigot, etc etc.

      But I'm not a liar. You tell me where America is going to be when we have 200 million people on affirmative action in 2050.

    3. The Orc reference has nothing to do with ethnicity. It has everything to do with the oppressors of freedom in every bureaucratic machine, from local, state, federal, judicial, executive, legislative, etc. To try and connect it with race is short-sighted and dimwitted.

      I don't know why you interjected race into this post. Skin color is not an issue here, but for some reason, you want to make it an issue. You are dishonoring those who served under our flag, in every war since the American War for Independence, who happen to have been born with a bit more melatonin in their skin than you are comfortable with. My tribe isn't based on skin color but apparently yours is.

      And who are you to tell me that I'm ashamed of anything. I have nothing to be ashamed of, least of all, the color of my skin. Do you still beat your wife? Are you ashamed that you fondle little boys? See? Your accusations are baseless as are these.

      You're entitled to your opinion but it is not welcome here.

  3. So what are you, Ryu, a closet racist? a person that believes the government should provide for all? a reproductive biologist?

    By YOUR words, the reality is that you're more of a hindrance to freedom than Resistor. YOU distract and deflect, YOU focus more on skin color than he does, YOU choose to focus on what has brought America to this point.


    1. No Grog; Ryu Is a FED -TROAL an enemy of god,man and freedom, He vomits this crap up on every websight A.P. Mosby ,all of em. Next week it will be a diferent name ,but the same FED-NAZI crap

    2. I'm not a closet racist. I'm very open about it. That trick doesn't work on me anymore.

      Multicultural societies do not work. You guys are picking and choosing what to take from the Constitution. America was meant to be a white, Christian nation.

      As for being a fed, LOL. I AM an enemy of some men, and I do oppose unlimited freedom. I don't care about freedom, not the way you do.

      I stand for my people and the people who invent freedom. Without white America, there is no America. And you people lie about it, when you deny that in 20 years, the US will be majority Mexican.

    3. Ryu is right. Please don't take the easy path and dismiss him as a "racist". By the enemy's definition, all whites are racist. For God sakes, don't be an anti-white.

    4. Ryu is likely not a gov't anti-freedom troll. Gov't trolls dont open with some dumb race related shit... A sad person for sure, and a troll in the textbook definition, but not a "FED-NAZI". Just another mindless sheeple type that found a post and thought he have his 2 cents at it. Bad news is Resistor is likely correct to a degree; good news is people of the calibre Ryu associates with will sort themselves out quickly when everything crumbles. And then we wont have to waste time "feeding" these trolls anymore :-) Stay sharp people: keep reading and learning, that we may fight "all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC with effectiveness"...

  4. Well done, Resistor.



  5. Touching..........tasteful.............and TRUE. Well done, Resistor!!

  6. Thankyou for this, Sir.
    I like the movie 'The Postman', not because it's a great movie, for it is not, but because it is about ideas. America is an idea, and a powerful one, and it is worth saving. It is worth preserving. It is worth defending.
    Know, then, that your cousins to the North stand with those who defend that which is most precious. Disregard the cities, for they are rife with liberals and the entitled. Harken unto the country, the boonies, the wild, for that is where we live and work and hunt. The pyres of the cities will burn down in time, and we will be ready to rebuild.

    God Bless America, and all who stand with her.

  7. "There are times when I feel like a rider in Theoden's army, facing an insurmountable horde of Orcs."

    I suspect that many of us in the III community feel this way and perhaps you have inadvertently coined a IIIper term for statists. Orcs....I think it fits rather well don't you?

    hbbill, founder
    Somewhere behind enemy lines,
    Peoples Republik of Kalifornistan

  8. Vibrancy is our strength

    There are exceptions. Then again, there is the rule.

  9. Idaho Patriot10/09/2012 1:25 PM

    Well done Resistor. We here in Idaho are with you. Live free or die.

    1. Thanks.

      I'm not in Idaho. I'm in Colorado.

  10. We are ALL from ONE family - 8 people and a new beginning - and it only took 4000 years to get to this point.
    The book of Genesis, those who emerged
    from the survival vessel at the end of the Great Flood to
    repopulate the earth, were eight in number – a man named Noah
    and his wife, and their three sons Japheth, Shem and Ham, with
    their wives.
    Interestingly, in places as wide apart as South America,
    Europe, Africa and Asia, recorders preserved the names of
    their ancestors who survived the Flood. And, would you believe,
    these include names virtually identical to those in the Genesis
    account: Noah’s three sons Ham, Shem and Japheth.
    "Lost Races by Jonathan Gray" Science FACT !

  11. Dividers, Liars, Corruptors.. call them what you will but in reality they are the ones attacking your Liberty. They divide your brothers in arms with racial lies, social lies and money lies to keep you at each others throats so you wont feel the blade they stick on your back and make your family slaves to the system.. they are the manipulated minorities of color and no color, minorities of race and no race and minorities of money and no money.. they are Our Enemies.. each and every one of them.

    Ignorance and fear rule their minds and their fear refuses to let them see the truth in front of them but it will come some day and they will know it.. a bit too late.

    It isnt about race or social standing or even money.. its about Liberty and the lack of it.. any man can have Liberty regardless of color, race or moneyed position as long as he stands with me against our common enemy to protect and defend our Liberty.

    I refuse to allow lies and division to keep me from my stated purpose, your lies aren't strong enough to defeat my truth.

    Yank lll

  12. Lets get real. we just need to rid ourselves of 1000 or so vermin. Lets get their names, post them on oathbreakers and let the chips fall where they may.

  13. As an Electrical Engineer, I like that symbol, the resistor. Time go go public with it. Chalk it on walls and sidewwalks, make stickers and put them in public places, and use it on flyers and leaflets. We'll know what it means!

  14. Ironwill,

    Thank you for that article, As a Webelo leader, I have had several flag retirement ceremonies, My wife called it a "flag burning ceremony" and I reproached her for that saying"Hippies, commies, islamofascist and OWS do flag burning because they cannot stand what the flag represents. This is a flag retirement ceremony, the flag is at the end of her life, we are returning her to ash so she can be reborn as a new symbol of our nation."
    I will use the Poem that you posted when we do our next one, it is really good and I thank you.



  15. Stand and do not bend.