Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Video: Dog Shot By Omaha Police Officer

Here we go again.

Whether it's tazing a 10 year old, or conducting illegal rectal exams, or killing an innocent person on a raid in the wrong house, it seems that the thing cops enjoy most is killing dogs.

An Omaha police officer shot and killed a dog on a public sidewalk. The officer’s report claims the shooting was justified; however, the owners call the incident an execution of a friendly, family pet. Mike McKnight obtained surveillance video of the incident for a Fact Finders exclusive.

On October 7th, after midnight, police blocked a street in the area of 35th and Vinton to look for an armed suspect. They say Chris Schulte, who lives in the area, ignored orders to stop and walked the family dog toward the search area. He was arrested and his dog, Teela, shot.

Chris Schulte said, “You know I should have got back but I was just walking on. Not threatening, dog wasn't being aggressive.”

In the report by Officer Schuster and Officer Clement, the officers said “suspect’s dog became aggressive, growled at officers, and showed its teeth before being shot and killed.”

Tim Wagner told Channel 6 News he watched the incident, live, from inside his home via a night vision security camera.

Wagner said, “The dog didn't stand a chance. The dog did nothing aggressive. I've lived next to this dog two and a half years and it’s one of the best dogs.”
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I have a theory. Call me nuts (wouldn't be the first time) but I think as part of the requirement to become an L.E.O., their soul must be relinquished in exchange for the 'Magic Badge of Power' which allows them to break the law, steal, kill, abuse, etc...and get away with it.

And people still call it an 'honorable' profession?


  1. I believe this behavior is encouraged from the top to desensitize them and us and make it O.K. from them to terminate our property and loved ones. Eventually they will kill the wrong dog and a very attached pet owner will make sure that officer doesn't make it home for dinner. People have killed for less.

  2. I wonder how many of them own dogs. What if they came home from work to find their beloved 'Fluffy' laying in a puddle of its own blood. Payback is a bitch.

  3. Unintentional Consequences would stop that for sure...

  4. Well if they have no soul, then whacking them would not be murder.......